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[Condor-users] Using Condor as a substitute for OpenPBS

Dear Condor Users,

I'm actually using OpenPBS. Since that project has been unmaintained for
some years now, I would like to switch to a free one but under active

I would like to know if I can use Condor like I use PBS :

- There's a single que, in which all jobs submitted by the different users
go into. The PBS allocates free nodes for those jobs, and starts running

When there are no more free nodes, the jobs keep on entering on the que,
but have to wait till there are free nodes, of course.

- The jobs we submit are 99% of these two types : Amber
(http://amber.scripps.edu) and Gaussian (http://www.guassian.com)

Amber jobs : They are executed with the mpirun wrapper.

Gaussian jobs : They are executed like if it was a serial command, but it
allocates any number of nodes specified. It uses the LINDA parallel

I don't want anyother functionalities of Condor like checkpointing,
scheduling priorities, idle cycling harvest, and so on ... I just want the
plain queue with a FIFO order.

Also, I don't want to apply any kernel patches, nor linking any external
libraries to my applications.

Is it possible to replace OpenPBS with Condor and have the same
functionality ?

Thanks in advance.

David McGiven