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[Condor-users] Using Condor as a substitute for OpenPBS


despite being a fan of Condor (and administering a 200 machines pool), I would
not recommend it as a substitute of OpenPBS for a cluster. I think you would be
better off trying Torque
and if you have more demanding scheduling needs then add Maui
(http://www.clusterresources.com/pages/products/maui-cluster-scheduler.php) on
top of it. Besides other things, the change from OpenPBS to Torque will be

Angel de Vicente

David McGiven writes:
 > Dear Condor Users,
 > I'm actually using OpenPBS. Since that project has been unmaintained for
 > some years now, I would like to switch to a free one but under active
 > development.
 > I would like to know if I can use Condor like I use PBS :
 > - There's a single que, in which all jobs submitted by the different users
 > go into. The PBS allocates free nodes for those jobs, and starts running
 > them.
 > When there are no more free nodes, the jobs keep on entering on the que,
 > but have to wait till there are free nodes, of course.
 > - The jobs we submit are 99% of these two types : Amber
 > (http://amber.scripps.edu) and Gaussian (http://www.guassian.com)
 > Amber jobs : They are executed with the mpirun wrapper.
 > Gaussian jobs : They are executed like if it was a serial command, but it
 > allocates any number of nodes specified. It uses the LINDA parallel
 > libraries.
 > I don't want anyother functionalities of Condor like checkpointing,
 > scheduling priorities, idle cycling harvest, and so on ... I just want the
 > plain queue with a FIFO order.
 > Also, I don't want to apply any kernel patches, nor linking any external
 > libraries to my applications.
 > Is it possible to replace OpenPBS with Condor and have the same
 > functionality ?
 > Thanks in advance.
 > David McGiven
 > CTO
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