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Re: [Condor-users] Using Condor as a substitute for OpenPBS

On 10/26/05, Angel de Vicente <angelv@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> despite being a fan of Condor (and administering a 200 machines pool), I would
> not recommend it as a substitute of OpenPBS for a cluster. I think you would be
> better off trying Torque
> (http://www.clusterresources.com/pages/products/torque-resource-manager.php),
> and if you have more demanding scheduling needs then add Maui
> (http://www.clusterresources.com/pages/products/maui-cluster-scheduler.php) on
> top of it. Besides other things, the change from OpenPBS to Torque will be
> painless.

I could not see a specific "supports" section on their site - I a
assuming they do not support MS Windows (for execute or server modes).

Are there any windows or multiplatform (as I would describe condor
albeit in clipped form on many) cluster/queue managers

I am interested purely from a comparison point of view and whether
there are any obvious areas where taking  some idea/feature from it
would improve condor's multi platform behaviour...