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Re: [Condor-users] termination with signal 66

> If something was working and then just stopped, the first thing to
> look for is what changed, and Windows Update is a first guess.
> exiting with a 66 sounds a DLL change to me. Checking the starter log
> and the stdout/stderr of the job are another thing to check.

Interesting, we actually saw a number of our jobs fail last night with
the same error message. All were running on XP but NONE of the machines
are set to do auto-updates. They are rack machines that don't have
access to the outside world.

What we did see happen was the samba server, where the global config
files are stored for these machines, started locking out the machines so
they couldn't access their config files.

Could this cause a spontaneous 66 error to a running job?

- Ian