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Re: [Condor-users] I/O calls calculation question

On Oct 30, 2005, at 3:27 PM, xuehai zhang wrote:

Hi all,
I wonder if there is any tool provided by Condor to show the I/O statistics about a Condor job. For
example, how many I/O requests are made by the job during its run time. My question is enlightened
by the I/O intensive experiments done in a recent paper, "Deploying Virtual Machines as Sandboxes
for the Grid" (www.cs.wisc.edu/~pradheep/SandboxingWorlds05.pdf). The author ran jobs performing 40
million random I/O calls over a physical network but I couldn't find how these I/O calls are
collected in the paper.

This level of detail isn't presented to the user, but you can get it out of the shadow daemon log. Set the following in your condor config file:


Then, the shadow daemon will log all of the remote system calls, I/O and otherwise.

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