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Re: [Condor-users] condor_schedd freeze/condor_submit very slow


sorry to have post this question on this list, this is not a condor
problem but a libnss_ldap problem :
on systems with passwd file (local users like root) and ldap (for
standard users), the authentification of users using FS relies on
libnnss_ldap. The libnnss_ldap close the connection to the LDAP server
after 1 hour of idle time (no ldap authentification attempt). The next
attempt takes 15 minutes before the libnss_ldap detect that the
connexion is closed and open a new connexion.

I propose the following workarounds to users with the same problem :
- in the config file of libnss_ldap (/etc/libnss_ldap.conf on debian)
raise the value of 'idle_timelimit' (default value is 3600) to 86400 (1
- send a command to the schedd which need authentification of a ldap
user (like condor_submit).

Which command to the schedd other than condor_submit need
authentification ?

best regards

Jean-Christophe Baccon