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[Condor-users] Quick question about rebooting central manager

Hi all,

I've a setup of Condor on Win(2000|XP) here. Some 100 machines with a single
central manager.
>From the documentation, I understood that rebooting the central manager
machine is not going to have any impact on jobs that are running, only that
I won't be able to submit new jobs.
Currently I need to reboot the machine for technical reasons, but before
doing that I would like to ask if there's going to be ANY impact on jobs
that are on hold.
To detail the scenario, I submitted 500 jobs in hold status, and released
only 50, so 450 are still on hold. Are those going to survive the reboot???
If there's going to be any problem with that, I can potentially wait until
all jobs finish, but that'll imply running for 1 month or so with a machine
in not a very good condition...
Alternatively, but not the preferred option, I can setup a 2nd central
manager. I rather prefer to avoid that.
Thank you in advance!


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