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RE: [Condor-users] SOLUTION: Command-line install of Condor on Win32

Probably many people have some simple dos batch files like we do
but I thought I'd share in case it's useful.

These 3 scripts allow installation, version upgrade, or config update
remotely. The caveat is that you need admin access to the PCs you want
to manage. We use a remote execution package called beyondexec, psexec
is another such program.


usage: install machine-name

mkdir \\%1\c$\condor
xcopy /s /e \\fileserver.whatever\software\condor \\%1\c$\condor
xcopy /y /s /e \\fileserver.whatever\software\condor\condor_config_wa
reg add \\%1\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Condor /v CONDOR_CONFIG /d
reg add \\%1\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Condor /v RELEASE_DIR /d "c:\condor"
beyondexec \\%1 c:\condor\bin\install Condor Condor
reg add \\%1\HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Condor /v Start /t
REG_DWORD /d 2 /f
beyondexec \\%1 -r net start Condor


usage: upgrade machine-name

beyondexec \\%1 net stop Condor
del /s /q \\%1\c$\condor\bin
xcopy /s /e /y \\fileserver.whatever\software\condor\bin
beyondexec \\%1 -r net start Condor


usage: update machine-name

copy /y \\fileserver.whatever\software\condor\condor_config_wa
beyondexec \\%1 net stop Condor
beyondexec \\%1 -r net start Condor


If you maintain a list of machines in a text file then you can create
more batch files
to do the whole bunch at once. e.g.


usage: upgrade_all

for /f %%i in (pcs.txt) do upgrade_condor_wa %%i


If you're feeling really lucky you could even try something like this
Not sure if this will work, but you get the idea.

for /f %i in ('c:\condor\bin\condor_status -master') do update %i


We have some customized stuff in the config files, e.g. highport and
lowport settings
so the windows gui auto install below (I don't think) will work for us.



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> Condor on Win32
> Hi folks -
> Lately there have been lots of people asking about how to 
> install Condor 
> for Windows in an unattended / batch mode, i.e. without the 
> pretty GUI.
> There are many ways to solve this problem, but here is one 
> that is quite easy:
> Currently, the Condor for Windows installer is based upon 
> InstallShield's 
> Package for the Web (PFTW) technology.  So say you download the 
> self-extracting .exe file from the Condor web site, for example 
> condor-6.6.10-winnt50-x86.exe.
> Then, to automate the installation of a PFTW package named 
> foo.exe, you 
> would first perform one installation as administrator "by 
> hand" via the GUI 
> to create the answer file:
>      condor-6.6.10-winnt50-x86.exe /a /r /f1c:\temp\foo.iss
> In this example, the answer file is "c:\temp\foo.iss".  You 
> can provide 
> whatever file-name you want, but notice there is no space 
> between the "/f1" 
> option and the filename.
> Next, to install the package completely silently using the 
> same answers you 
> provided above, you would run as administrator:
>      start /wait condor-6.6.10-winnt50-x86.exe /s /a /s /sms 
> /f1c:\temp\foo.iss
> The first /s is only needed for a completely silent 
> installation. If you 
> leave it off, the PFTW package will show you a status bar as 
> it extracts 
> the InstallShield tree to the temporary directory.
> Hope folks find this information useful.  Note that in the 
> (possible near) 
> future we may move to an MSI based installation, but the 
> above instructions 
> will work as long as we continue to stick with InstallShield  
> installer 
> technology.
> best regards,
> Todd
> p.s. I will get this added into the manual.
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