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[Condor-users] Greg's week

* Talked with Sonny about GCBnizing MW. Turns out, that for the pools we are trying to run MW across, the problem wasn't firewalls, but dropped UDP packets over the internet. Switching glided-in startds to report with TCP fixed the problem.

** Question: is there a tool, or some better, systematic way to debug this kind of thing? If the startds are running, but UDP packets aren't making it back to the collector, it's hard to tell why, or what to do about it.

* Spent lots of time working with Jeff Linderoth managing his big, MW runs with the modified fatcop. Getting lots of interesting results.

* Worked with AOS folks to get MITgcm running with MPI, still trying

* Worked with Bill Taylor on parallel universe testing

* Helped Pete with some of the trickier parts of the quill merge.