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[Condor-users] (no subject)

Do you manage a large Condor pool? Several Condor pools? Ever wrestle
with configuring several hundred machines at once? If so, please keep

We at Optena would like to start a discussion around Condor
configuration management. We believe that managing flat files, while
convenient for very small installations, is painful and time consuming
for large installations. To remedy this, we propose a design for
managing Condor's configuration settings. We'd like to ask you, the
Condor Community, to comment on our design and suggest new features.  If
you are interested, please visit


Thank you for your time,

Mike Yoder
Principal Member of Technical Staff
Ask Mike: http://docs.optena.com
Direct  : +1.408.321.9000
Fax     : +1.408.321.9030
Mobile  : +1.408.497.7597

Optena Corporation
2860 Zanker Road, Suite 201
San Jose, CA 95134