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[Condor-users] CFP: HPDC 2006

------------------------------CALL FOR PAPERS------------------------------
The 15th IEEE International Symposium on
High Performance Distributed Computing
June 19-23 2006
Paris, France

The Fifteenth IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Distributed
Computing (HPDC) will be a forum for presenting the latest research
findings on the design and use of parallel and distributed systems for high
end computing, collaboration, data analysis, and other innovative
applications. Submissions are welcomed covering all aspects of high-
performance distributed computing, Grids, and global computing ensembles.
New scholarly research emphasizing empirical and reproducible results as
well as investigative expositions of successful application and deployment
efforts are particularly encouraged.

All papers will be rigorously reviewed by a distinguished international
review committee, with a strong focus on the combination of rigorous
scientific results and practical impact. Topics of interest include (but
are not limited to):

-Grid middleware
-Service architectures
-Resource management, scheduling and load-balancing
-Data Management and Transport
-Virtualization for HPDC systems
-HPDC applications
-Parallel and distributed algorithms
-Software environments, programming frameworks & language/compiler support
-Workflow management
-High performance I/O and file systems
-Performance modeling, simulation, and prediction
-Fault tolerance, reliability and availability for HPDC applications
-Software/hardware/architecture for high speed communication andnetworking
-Security, configuration, policy, and management issues
-Operating system technologies for high performance computing
-Multimedia, teleimmersive, and collaborative applications
-Terabit networks systems and services

Paper abstract submissions: January 09, 2006
Full paper submissions: January 16, 2006
Author notification: March 22, 2006
Final manuscripts due: April 22, 2006

Authors are invited to submit technical papers of at most 10 pages, not
including figures or references. Papers that exceed this length will be
rejected outright. These papers should be written to be self-contained and
to provide the technical substance required for the program committee to
evaluate the paper's contribution. All manuscripts will be reviewed and
judged on correctness, originality, technical strength, significance,
quality of presentation, and interest and relevance to the conference.

Submitted papers may not have appeared in or be under consideration for
another conference or a journal, nor may they be under review or submitted
to another forum during the HPDC-15 review process.

Papers should be submitted electronically (PDF or postscript) via the HPDC
2006 conference web site at http://www.hpdc.org, and should use IEEE CS
format. Appropriate style files can be found at:

Please note that, as with previous HPDC conferences,
there will NO EXTENSIONS on the paper submission deadlines.

Accepted papers will appear in proceedings published by IEEE Computer Society
Press, which will be distributed at the conference.

Franck Cappello, INRIA, France

Andrew A. Chien, UCSD, USA (Chair)
Salim Hariri, Univ. of Arizona, USA (Chair)
Henri Bal, VrijeUniv., The Netherlands
Franck Cappello, INRIA, France
Jack Dongarra, Univ. of Tennessee, USA
Ian Foster, ANL& Univ. of Chicago, USA
Andrew Grimshaw, Univ. of Virginia, USA
Carl Kesselman, USC/Inform. Sci. Institute, USA
Miron Livny, Univ. of Wisconsin, USA
Manish Parashar, Rutgers Univ., USA
Karsten Schwan, Georgia Tech., USA
David Walker, Univ. of Cardiff, UK
Rich Wolski, Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara, USA

Henri Bal, VrijeUniv. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Rich Wolski, Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara, USA

Remzi Arpaci Dusseau, Univ. of Wisconsin, USA
Jim Basney, Univ. of Urbana Champaign, USA
Henri Casanova, Univ. of Hawaii, USA
Ann Chervenak, USC/Inform. Sci. Institute, USA
Andrew Chien, U. of California, San Diego, USA
Peter Dinda, Northwestern University, USA
Allen Downey, Olin College, USA
Renato Figueiredo, Univ. of Florida, USA
Ian Foster, ANL, Univ. of Chicago, USA
Dennis Gannon, Indiana Univ., USA
Brent Gorda, LANL, USA
Liviu Iftode, Rutgers Univ., USA
Marty Humphrey, Univ. of Virginia, USA
Laxmikant Kale, Univ. of Urbana Champaign, USA
Carl Kesselman, USC/Inform. Sci. Institute, USA
Thilo Kielmann, VrijeUniv. Amst., The Netherlands
Jason Leigh, Univ. of Chicago, USA
Miron Livny, Univ. of Wisconsin, USA
Mario Lauria, Ohio State Univ., USA
Allen Malony, Univ. of Oregon, USA
Satoshi Matsuoka, TiTech, Japan
Jose Moreira,  IBM Watson Research Ctr., USA
Thierry Priol, IRISA/INRIA, France
Alexander Reinefeld, ZuseInstit. Berlin, Germany
Stefan Saroiu, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
Jennifer Schopf, ANL, USA
Karsten Schwan, Georgia Tech., USA
Peter Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA
Thomas Stricker, Google, Switzerland
Jaspal Subhlok, Univ. of Houston, USA
Kenjiro Taura, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Brian Tierney, Lawrence Berkeley Lab., USA
Amin Vahdat, Univ. of California, San Diego, USA
Robbert Van Renesse, Cornell Univ., USA
Jon Weissman, Univ. of Minnesota, USA

PascalePrimet, INRIA, France

Christophe Ce╠^┴rin, Univ. Paris XIII, France
Catherine Girard, INRIA, France

Douglas Thain, University of Notre Dame, USA
Franc╠žoise Baude, U. Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France
Osamu Tatebe, AIST, Japan