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Re: [Condor-users] Globus - GT 4.0.1: GLOBUS_SCRATCH_DIR problem?

On Sep 26, 2005, at 2:50 PM, duane waktu wrote:

The machine with the problem was installed by somebody else. When I re-installed condor-6.7.10 on this machine, I stumbled upon the error below. I have never seen this error when I installed condor on the previous machine. I thought this could be the culprit of the problem I've been seeing.

I have set done the following as an attempt to resolve the problem:
             1. export _condor_ NETWORK_INTERFACE=<ip of my machine>
             2. add the following line into local_config file:
                          NETWORK_INTERFACE=<ip of my machine>

However, the problem still persists.

My questions:
1. How do you set NETWORK_INTERFACE variable properly?

If the machine has a single IP address, then you set NETWORK_INTERFACE to that address. If the machine has multiple IP addresses, use the address for the network containing any other Condor daemons that you want to interact with. If the Condor daemons aren't going to talk to any Condor daemons on other machines, the setting shouldn't matter.

2. Does it have to be done BEFORE I install condor? I don't think this should be true, I did the two things I mentioned above just before I ran 'condor_master'.

Either of the things should work. You don't need to do anything before installation.

3. FYI, this machine is not registered on the DNS although I have made sure that I associate the IP address with the hostname I used in /etc/hosts. Could this be the problem? The other machines that I have are registered on the DNS.

Since globusrun-ws works, I doubt this is the problem.

Try submitting a job with $GL/test/ globus_wsrf_gram_service_java_test_unit/managed-job-globusrun. It's a java WS-GRAM client and uses the same libraries as Condor. You can use -help to find out the parameters it uses.

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