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[Condor-users] Condor on an x86_64


We are currently running Condor V6.7.6 on a IBM xSeries P4 farm running
Fedora Core3, with no issues.

Until, we recently added some IBM xSeries Xeon boxes, as I did not see any
specific build for x86_64 architectures, I installed the same version.
Everything appeared to be operational, the daemons started without complaint
and the machines show up in the pool.

However, jobs don't seem to start on these machines.  In researching the
problem it appears that the requirements are never met because some of the
variables exported as classAds are NULL strings, especially all the ones I
added in the .local per system file.

Greg Fossheim
310-437-7300 #234   Fax 310-437-7307
IT Manager
Language Weaver