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Re: [Condor-users] a queue per user

> Hi All,
>  	I am developing a web application interfaced with condor. The
> application should be used by about 20 users.
> I would like to know if it is possible to setup a queue per user so
> is at least one job running for each user simultaneously.

Condor doesn't use queues the way LSF uses queues. You don't need to run
a schedd daemon for each user to ensure that each user is able to run at
least one job. Condor will fair share your resources so this happens
(assuming # users <= # resources -- and homogenous resources in your
system). If I have two startds in my system and two users than each user
will get one startd.

You would only need multiple schedd daemons to do load balancing as the
schedd is a single-threaded process and latency in the system can
increase beyond acceptable limits as the capacity and demand grow.

> Moreover, is it possible to use condor web services to submit a dagmam
> job?

I can't answer that one sorry.

- Ian