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[Condor-users] Problem running a java application

I have a problem running a java application. The problem is regarding the parameters that my application requires, this is, the parameters that in a normal execution would be at the end of the "java" command, as in:

>>>> java -classpath my_jar_file.jar -Xmx1500m my_application param1 param2 param3

Where can I put those parameters for Condor to get them?
I've tryed putting them in the "arguments" part of the submit description file. Also, I tryed creating a script containing the java command like above, and puting it in the "executable" part, with no success.

Apart from that, is there a way of running in condor a jar file, this is, what in a normal execution would be
>>>>java -jar /xx/my_jar_file.jar


My condor is 6.7.6.

Thanks in advance!!


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