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Re: [Condor-users] Status of nodes in a pool

Fabiano Portella wrote:
Thanks for this tip. I've found a commented NUM_CPUS variable in $CONDOR_HOME/etc/condor_config file and enable it with value equals 1. Seems that worked fine, because now there's just one entry in condor_status for each active machine in pool. My problem now is that a simple test takes a long time to run - in fact one test was done in 30 minutes, but the other took more than a hour and I decided to cancel it. So, I have some questions: 1. Is there any configuration to do to improve performance? In URL that I've followed to do the test it took 4 seconds to conclude.

To find out why jobs are not running well, you'll need to read through the logfiles for the submit node and the execute node or nodes. You can also specify a logfile in your submit description for the job. There's no quick and easy answer to this. It will depend on why the job is performing poorly. It may be that your machines are having keyboard or mouse activity that put them in the Owner state and interrupt your jobs. Look at the job log, the ShadowLog, and the StarterLog first. They should indicate state transitions and possibly the reasons for them.

2. Which command should I type to cancel jobs in a pool?



3. Which command should I type to stop condor properly in all machines in pool? I'm trying "condor_off -master" but although I've got the message "Sent kill message...", all Condor processes seems to be still alive.

condor_off should work, but it has to be run by an authorized user, such as root or condor, or from a user on a machine where all users are allowed admin rights.


*/Adam Thorn <alt36@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>/* escreveu:

    On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, David A. Kotz wrote:

     > I have no answer to the file lock problem, but the question about
    VMs is
     > an easy one. Condor will create one virtual machine for each CPU
     > detected on your machine. Hyperthreaded Pentium IV processors will
     > alsow show up as two processors each. There is a setting in the
     > condor_config to ignore hyperthreading, but it has never had any
     > for me.


    Works fine for my P4s..

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