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Re: [Condor-users] Status of nodes in a pool

Thanks for this tip. I've found a commented NUM_CPUS variable in $CONDOR_HOME/etc/condor_config file and enable it with value equals 1.
Seems that worked fine, because now there's just one entry in condor_status for each active machine in pool.
My problem now is that a simple test takes a long time to run - in fact one test was done in 30 minutes, but the other took more than a hour and I decided to cancel it. So, I have some questions:
1. Is there any configuration to do to improve performance? In URL that I've followed to do the test it took 4 seconds to conclude.
2. Which command should I type to cancel jobs in a pool?
3. Which command should I type to stop condor properly in all machines in pool? I'm trying "condor_off -master" but although I've got the message "Sent kill message...", all Condor processes seems to be still alive.

Adam Thorn <alt36@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escreveu:
On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, David A. Kotz wrote:

> I have no answer to the file lock problem, but the question about VMs is
> an easy one. Condor will create one virtual machine for each CPU
> detected on your machine. Hyperthreaded Pentium IV processors will
> alsow show up as two processors each. There is a setting in the
> condor_config to ignore hyperthreading, but it has never had any effect
> for me.


Works fine for my P4s..

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