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Re: [Condor-users] NFS automounter question

If your automounter is behaving correctly, and if your home directory is mounted at the same mountpoint on all machines in your Condor pool, all you have to do is submit the job from your home directory and Condor will take care of the rest. Condor will assume that the working directory is your home diretory, and the automounter will mount it on whatever machine runs the job. This is the way that most of my users submit their jobs. You don't need to manually set initialdir.

- dave

pablo.roldan@xxxxxxx wrote:

my home directory is automounted so that, whenever I access /home/username, the
contents of a remote directory fileserver:/homes/username is automounted on
mount point /home/username.

I have read section "2.15.2 NFS Automounter" of the manual, but I am still
confused by the example explained there. Should I use


or should I use something else? Notice that in my case the access point and the
dynamic mount point are the same (/home/username). In principle, this directory
will be unmounted automatically if it has not been acessed for 5 minutes.

It seems to me that I should use something like


but I am not sure whether this would work or not. Maybe I just don't need to use
initialdir at all?

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