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[Condor-users] ACCESS_VIOLATION error on Win XP


I've had a number of occasions were Condor jobs fail
under Win XP with this kind of error sent in an email:

Your Condor job 98.0
has died on exception ACCESS_VIOLATION.

I can't pin down what the cause of this is but it does
seem to happen when I run .exe's which came from a
ZIP format file. When I run them a under my own account
they seem fine though. Anyone have any idea why this
is happening - there seem to have been a few posts
regarding this in the archives but no real answers.

The annoying thing is that I'm trying to get Condor
to work with the SRB Scommand client programs but these
give exactly this same error when run under Condor
(they were downloaded from the ZIP file on the SDSC
SRB site). Anyone had a luck with the SRB DOS clients.



Dr Ian C. Smith,
e-Science team,
University of Liverpool
Computing Services Department.