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Re: [Condor-users] Fwd: A few basic questions and a modest suggestion

At 09:34 AM 4/18/2006, Darin Kalisak wrote:

First, I'm a little bit confused about the roles of the condor_config
and condor_config.local files.  I have set up a 3-node prototype pool,
and only the central manager has data in its condor_config_local file.
 My reading about it in the manual (version 6.6.9) leads me to believe
that it should be the file with machine-specific settings for all
machines.  The condor_config file, on the other hand, is different on
each machine, and seems to be the file that actually contains
machine-specific info.  In particular, this is the file with the START
variable, which I understand to hold that machine's classAd.  I'm not
clear how the two files are supposed to complement each other and work
together.  In fact, I don't see any use for the .local file at all.
Any insight would be appreciated.

Many sites keep "condor_config" on a shared filesystem, and have all machines in their pool use this same file. This makes changes to the entire pool's configuration easy. Then they keep a condor_config.local, which is "local" to each machine in the pool. This is where changes that are specific to one machine would go -- for instance, if the owner of that one machine has a different policy than the rest of the machines in the pool.

Second, I keep seeing comments about pool-wide configuration settings,
but I can't figure out where these would be stored, or how they would
be used.  Is there some master config file (presumably on the central
manager) that I'm unaware of that sets some basic parameters for use
by all the machines?  I certainly don't see one anywhere.

See comments above. When people say a pool-wide configuration, they usually just mean a condor_config file that is common to all machines in the pool (usually accomplished by placing it on a shared filesystem).

Third, as I understand it, I can declare any variable I like in
condor_config files, and use them as I see fit in job or machine class
ads.  So, I should use my own variables to determine which machines
have third-party software (say Matlab or Fidap).  Any machines without
the variable explicity defined will return "undefined" as a value for
it when prompted.  (And I should use the =?= and =!= operators to deal
with this possibility.)  Are these fair statments?

Yes. Even better, you could have the variables declare *where* these packages are installed, if it varies from machines to machine. Then this information could be used by the job via the $$() macro in your submit file.


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