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[Condor-users] Help - running of DOS batch command file under CONDOR


I am a newbie to CONDOR but I really appreciate its power after running
some trial tests.

We are using the student PCs (running MS Windows XP) in the open lab. as computing servers, but the CONDOR submitting server is a LINUX host running RH 9.0.

After installing the system on both of the computing servers and the submitting server, I have absolutely not problem in running the SIMWALK2 program for our bioinformatic users.

However for certain applications, I have to run a series of DOS commands as stored in a .bat file. I tried many many alternative but still not successful.

Basically I first transferred the CMD.EXE as the executable, then I tried to include the batch command file (i.e. t.bat) as the argument and
submitted to the vanilla Universe.

I have tried
           t.bat      (status as indicated by condor_q:  cmd t.bat   )
           < t.bat    (                                  cmd < t.bat )
           /c t.bat   (                                  cmd/c t.bat )

But in all cases I received the same error saying that :
    ....  Shadow exception!
          Can no longer talk to condor_starter <...>
          0 - Run bytes Sent by Job
          514353 - Run Bytes Received By Job

I would be very gratefully if anyone can tell me the trick to run this command file under CONDOR. A sample CONDOR command file will be extremely

Thanks in advance.

W.K. Kwan
Computer Centre
University of Hong Kong