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Re: [Condor-users] Condor - Web Interface...

Hi Abhishek..

If you don't mind me asking, what's your goal, what's your group? Are you a
developer/user? Are you in the US? It might be possible that we might be
able to create what we need together...

I'm part of a small team. We're looking at create a website crawler/parser
that will extract information from a number of college websites. The nature
of our application requires that we create a kind of distributed crawling
application so we can feed the "engine" the scripts, and then maintain/track
the status of the overall scripts as they're being run on the various
servers within the network.


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We are also looking for something like this. I will keep you posted if I
happen to find something. Also just a small request, if you happen to find
something and don't mind sharing the information can you please forward
along the pointers to me.


Best Regards,

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I'm considering a small distributed project where i'm going to be running
various scripts/apps on machines with a network. I'm anticipating that the
network will have between 5-10 linux servers, with a shared (NFS) dir. Each
job (batch file) will have a number of perl scripts/apps that are to be run.

I'm curious to know if there's a Web Interface for Condor, that will allow
the user to do some of the following functions:

 -Setup the machines in the network (enable/disable/etc..)
 -Track/Display the status of the network machine
 -Track/Display the real-time status of the script/app/job being run on the
 -Schedule a job to be run
 -Stop jobs from being run
 -Clean up input jobs/output files from specified dirs

I'd like to have a way to manage the Condor environment from w Web Browser
if possible.. This would basically allow specific people to manage the
system in a reasonable manner. Has anyone else had a need for this kind of

Any Open Source Web Apps for Condor that will allow me to do this kind of

Looking through google didn't turn up anything that seemed to fit my needs.



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