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[Condor-users] looking for a possible condor mgr...


We're looking to create a project that would need someone familiar with
Condor to more or less be a part time condor mgr. This is an initially small
project, but might grow larger. Once everything is set up, it really
shouldn't take very much effort at all to manage it. We're going to have
about 5-10 servers that will be the netowrk. We anticipate having an
application that allows us to create Batch Jobs with each Batch Job
consisting of a number of perl scripts that will have to be run. The systems
are Linux servers.

The results of each perl script will have to be inserted into a database.
We'll need a way to manage the entire process, keeping track of the Job
processes, as well as the underlying perls scripts being run on each

If you're interested, let me know.

This doesn't really pay, it's mostly a prototype/feasiblity kind of project.
However, we could allow you to access/use the systems with no problem.