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Re: [Condor-users] jobs aborted by Condor

> Hello,
> When I submit a specific job to condor (Vanilla universe), 
> this job always aborts (generating a segmentation fault). If 
> I run the job as it if were a common process (I mean, without 
> using condor_submit) the program works fine. Checking the 
> logs, the only strange thing that I have found is the 
> following message in the StartLog file:
>  Error: can't find resource with capability (<>)
> I've been taking a look to my config files but I have found 
> no clues about what is causing the problem ....
> Thanks in advance

Check to make sure the environment your job is executing under on the
remote machine is the same as the environment you're running under on
your local machine. Specifically you want to make sure things like
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH are the same. If they do appear to be
equivalent check that local libraries on the remote machine are the same
as the local libraries being referenced on your local machine. If you
can recompile the code (and can tolerate the bloat) you can use static
linking to quickly get around the problem.

- Ian