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[Condor-users] hardware for a big pool

Hello all,

we are currently running all condor daemons on a P3 1Ghz 2GB Mem, with
~1700 Clients. As this machine is totally at the edge, we where wondering,
what hardware other people with pools of thousands of machines (ours will
be 4000+ machines at the end) are using and also how they are organised.

Also I would like to know, if we should create one big pool, or maybe some
smaller pools (what size) and flock them ? I would tend to go for one big
pool, as this is easier for the administration (all the same config file).

We have already applied the setting which are recommended in

The server will be Linux, most machines (95%) will be windows, some linux
booted using PXE boot and LTSP..

Thanks in advance for your time and help,

Michael Hess