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[Condor-users] When the network connection was cut ...


I have 3 machines with Condor6.8.0.
One is Windows2003server (This is CM) and two are WindowsXP.
I submitted a job from CM, then the job run on a XP-machine.
Because I want to simulate the system crash, I cut the network
connection of a XP-machine(Job was running on it).

I expected the job will be run on another XP-machine automatically.
But the job didn't run on another XP-machine.
At this time, The status of the job didn't change (=Runnig).
I waited for 60 minutes. However processes of the job wasn't created,
it was still "R". It seemed to be stucked..
Then I tried to remove the job, but I could not remove
the job (status is "X" forever...)

Is this behavior a feature or a bug in Condor 6.8.0?
How should I do to execute the job by other connected nodes?