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Re: [Condor-users] condor guru!!

If you want multiple applications to run on the same machine
at once, you need set up the STARTD configuration to run
multiple virtual machines.  You can run as many as you want.  I have
done as many as 20 on one machine.  There's lots of info on
this in the condor manual.


On Mon, 31 Jul 2006, bruce wrote:


in testing, i can't figure out how to get multiple apps to run on a machine
in my setup at the same time. i've tried to create a submit file that does
multiple copies, which runs. however it only appears to run a single app on
a machine, rather than running a number of apps at the same time.

i also tried to create a number of submit files, with each file containing a
single queue. here again, condor_q seems to indicate that only a single app
is running on a given machine.

am i missing something. are there attributes that can be set, that i've
missed. it was my understanding that a machine/user can submit multiple apps
and that the apps can be run in a parallel manner on the given machine.

i'm pretty sure that i should be able to accomplish this... the issue is

thoughts/help/comments would be useful.



ps. if needed, i can provide my condor_config file

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