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Re: [Condor-users] Condor History -- SOLVED

Mark Haney wrote:
I've managed to get condor running, I can now submit jobs, but I"m getting a 'WARNING: Invalid log file: "/home/mhaney/condor-6.8.0/examples/sh_loop.log" (Permission denied)'

error. I am pretty sure this is a UID_DOMAIN problem, but I'm stumped on /why/ it is a problem.

Am I missing something REALLY obvious?

I'll answer my own email, yes I was missing something really obvious. I completely overlooked file/directory permissions on the examples directory. I mistakenly compiled the examples as root, which I couldn't run as a regular user. So once that idiocy was fixed, everything works beautifully.

Me transmitte sursum, caledoni!

Mark Haney
Sr. Systems Administrator
ERC Broadband
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