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Re: [Condor-users] dagman jobs are not in same cluster??

No it doesn;t seem to work.
The job attached to the DagMan job are there and continue to compute..no new jobs appear after that hough.

I'm using 6.7.20 on Windows 2000

Todd Tannenbaum wrote:
At 01:35 PM 8/1/2006, Adam Chrystie wrote:
Hi All,

I've got dagman working well but one thing that i have not been able to
solve is that fact
that my dagman jobs are not all in teh same cluster...so if i remove the
main dagman job..the other jobs
still run...

If you remove the dagman job itself, then dagman is supposed to remove all the jobs it submitted as well.

Is this not working for you?

How do i make each job in the dag belong to the same cluster as the
dagman.exe job?

It may be painful (impossible?) to get this to work w/o hacking the Condor source code, since DAGMan was really designed to assume that every job is submitted into its own cluster.

What is the underlying problem you are trying to solve?


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