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[Condor-users] condor question - running mutiple apps


in my test, i created two nodes (parent/client) and tweaked the "NUM_CPU" in
the condor_config for each. this seems to work as i got a total of 20 apps
running at the same time, until the 500 tests were complete...

i then added an additional client, made/checked the changes in the 2rd
condor_config file, setting the NUM_CPU to 20. i checked and verified that
the 3rd client can be seen via the condor_status.. the 3rd server, and the
connections are present.

when i run my test again, i only get the same 20 connections that i got the
1st time.. when i look at condor_status, it shows the 3rd client as being
unclaimed.... i would have expected to be able to run, processing the
additional 20 connections.. as far as i can tell, the client config files
are the same.

any thoughts/ideas as to what i'm missing...