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[Condor-users] Fault Behaviour of Condor


I'm currently running a small Condor 6.7.19 Pool with GT4 Gram as Submit Interface for testing.
I wanted to test the Condors behaviour in case of several fault scenarios.
Here are my results:

1.) Killing the job on the executor machine
Outcome: Condor returned an exit code of 1

2.) Shuting down the condor deamons on the executor
Outcome: Condor restarted the job on another machine -- WOW, is this standard behaviour of Condor?!
I never saw that.

3.) Shutting down the NIC on the executor (I assume same as pulling the plug)
Outcome: Condor hangs, a shadow process is existing all the time
I even cannot remove the job with condor_rm!
Maybe a bug? what can I do?

Thanks, T.