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Re: [Condor-users] Changing the names of output files

On 8/2/06, Nathan Harmston <nharmston@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

At the moment I'm trying to find a way of appending the output file
names when they are returned by Condor. So if I submit more than one of
the same program (which writes to out.dat for example) it is returned in
the format of out.$(Cluster).$(Process).out so that one is not
overwritten by the other. I ve looked at the manual and can't seem to
find an answer - does anyone have any ideas?

Assuming you mean that your program writes its own output file
"out.data" and not that you are refering to the stdout redirectesd
file then you have two main options

1) Alter the program so the name of the output file can be assed on
the command line, then add argument of the form

arguments = blah blah --myoutfilename=out.$(Cluster).$(Process).dat

2) If you cannot modify your executable you can wrap it in a script
which does the renaming itself after the job finishes, then you submit
the script (and transfer the exe seperately) obviously not possible in
standard universe.

3) Another low modification one - submit all jobs within their own
subdirectories, thus using directory 'namespacing'.
This does not scale well given that you need to do this per cluster
AND process but can get you buy if you need to get it working in a

1 is far and away the most pleasant solution but sometimes just isn't