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[Condor-users] problems in using remote negotiator

I have a local condor-g that is running my private schedd.
I'd like to connect to a remote negotiator to have my job matched against startd classads.

From my condor-g:
- The jobs remain idle and with:
Matched = FALSE

- condor_q -analyze fails:
Error: Could not connect to negotiator (osg-ress-1.fnal.gov)

- condor_q -status works and if I use the same requirement put in the job submission it returns 1 match:
condor_status -constraint 'GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule == "VO:atlas" && GlueCEInfoHostName == "cmssrv09.fnal.gov"'
Name          OpSys       Arch   State      Activity   LoadAv Mem   ActvtyTime
atlas.cmssrv0 [?????????] [????] [????????] [???]  [??]   [Unknown]

From the remote Condor server:
- Issuing condor_q -analyze I see:
1 match, match, but reject the job for unknown reasons

Any idea of which could be the problem or how to investigate?

Thank you,