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[Condor-users] Some simply, but necessary options

Hi All,

I'm new to Condor and have 6.8.0 installed for eval purpose now. I'm trying to determine if Condor would be a good choice to replace my current commercial product, LSF.
I've a few questions that I hope someone could help to answer,

1. Due to compute server limitation and software application license limitation, I need a way to limit the number of jobs that one user could run concurrently. A users should be able to submit as many jobs as he/she would like, but jobs will just be pending once reached job limit per user. I searched this archive and saw a few similar questions, but I couldn't find a clear answer for it. Is there a global parameter, something like MAXJOB_PERUSER, that can be used for this
     purpose.   Or if there is any work-around for this?

2. In LSF, I could config my available servers into different server groups, or queues. For example, I could put all my high-end servers into a queue, called fast_servers. So that users would just need to know this queue to submit jobs to for faster runs. Is there anyway we can group/partition
     servers for different job requirement in Condor?

Thanks very much in advance,

Best regards,