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[Condor-users] Using Octave with Condor


I m currently trying to get Octave to work under Condor, however I keep
on getting an error returned.

The error in <>.err:

panic: impossible state reached in file `error.cc' at line 511
panic: Aborted -- stopping myself...

I m using the following cmd file:

# testing octave
universe = vanilla
executable = octave.sh
arguments = fact.m
should_transfer_files = YES
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
input = fact.m
output = fact.$(Cluster).$(Process).out
error = fact.$(Cluster).$(Process).err
log = fact.log
log_xml = true
requirements = ( machine == "mymachine.localhost" )

mymachine.localhost has Octave installed. octave.sh contains:

exec /usr/bin/octave -q --no-history --no-init-file $1

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I ve docs on running Octave
in the standard uni but dont really want to recompile Octave using
condor_compile and transferring it everytime I want to use Octave (seems
slightly wasteful on bandwidth). I dont see why I m getting that error.

Thanks in advance


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