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[Condor-users] Windows machines and Condor error logs

I'm (still) a complete Condor newbie, trying to get a bunch of Windows
machines scattered around our campus to do Condor jobs.

Right now we have one test job which consistently fails with shadow
exceptions.  Whenever it does that, it deposits a log file on the node
where it tried to run.  I (a Unix person mostly) then have to figure out
some way of retrieving the log file, usually a convoluted process
involving multiple layers of remote desktop software which requires
admin-level access to the node where the log file landed.

And I just paused and thought, there is no way that "real" Condor sites
with lots of Windows compute nodes do it this way; users would scream,
not to mention the Windows sysadmins.

So, is there some "right way" (preferably within Condor) to get at those
error logs which don't come back to the submitting machine?  It would
sure shorten my testing cycle to be able to retrieve those quickly.