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Re: [Condor-users] Windows machines and Condor error logs

On Tue, 8 Aug 2006 mjinks@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I'm (still) a complete Condor newbie, trying to get a bunch of Windows
> machines scattered around our campus to do Condor jobs.
> Right now we have one test job which consistently fails with shadow
> exceptions.  Whenever it does that, it deposits a log file on the node
> where it tried to run.  I (a Unix person mostly) then have to figure out
> some way of retrieving the log file, usually a convoluted process
> involving multiple layers of remote desktop software which requires
> admin-level access to the node where the log file landed.
> And I just paused and thought, there is no way that "real" Condor sites
> with lots of Windows compute nodes do it this way; users would scream,
> not to mention the Windows sysadmins.
> So, is there some "right way" (preferably within Condor) to get at those
> error logs which don't come back to the submitting machine?  It would
> sure shorten my testing cycle to be able to retrieve those quickly.

condor_fetchlog should do what you want:


Kent Wenger
Condor Team