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[Condor-users] Condor 6.8.0 and Solaris 10

Condor Users,

I have a Condor 6.8.0 installation that was working fine on a Solaris 9
system (and is still working on all my other Solaris 9 systems) before
upgrading to the systems to Solaris 10.  The system in question is a
submit and compute server (not the master).  Now I get errors like the
following for both the schedd and startd:

8/9 11:05:38 ERROR: SECMAN:2003:TCP connection to <a.b.c.d:9618> failed
8/9 11:05:38 Failed to start non-blocking update to <e.f.g.h:47014>.

Where a.b.c.d is the IP address of our master (RHEL4, Condor 6.8.0) and
e.f.g.h is the IP address of the Solaris 10 system.  Commands like
condor_status and condor_q work, but the Solaris 10 system is isolated
(only appears on condor_status with the -direct argument executed on the
host itself, etc).

I've searched the archives to no avail, and it looks like the Solaris 9
distribution of Condor should work with Solaris 10 according to the

- Does the Solaris 9 version of Condor 6.8.0 work on Solaris 10?
- If not, when will a Solaris 10 version be available?
- Am I missing something really obvious?  (I hope this is the answer).

Thanks for your help,