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Re: [Condor-users] Anonymous Cluster Creation: security risk?

 More or less i am also not able to properly contact the webserives.
anyhow for the anonymous users you can set

Tel. 0039 0362 308854
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Nathan Harmston wrote:
> Hi,
> I m currently looking to build a Web services client like the one in the
> IBM DeveloperWorks. However I have an error when creating a cluster. I
> know this is because the setup of the current system prevents submission
> from anonymous users, but the code in the examples doesnt provide a
> method of providing a username to create clusters, but they are required
> for creating jobs. Does a security problem exist because of the way this
> works? Would it be possible for unauthorised users to execute jobs on
> Condor or is it safe to allow Anonymous users to submit jobs to Schedd.
> Since the current setup requires a kerberos cred would having anonymous
> users mess this up? Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.
> Many Thanks
> Nathan
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