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Re: [Condor-users] How to make job attribute updates appear in the dag's log file?

On 8/10/06, Horvátth Szabolcs <szabolcs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is there any way to make job attribute updates (using either
condor_qedit or chirp) appear
in the dag's log file? I dynamically update some attributes to use that
data in a GUI and using
condor_q to get the attribute values is very slow compared to the log

I was thinking about using qedit to 'report' data from a job to the
condor classad system (your previous post on this resparked my
interest) but I realised just putting it into the queue was fairly
useless for gui based stuff (as opposed to updating stuff used by the
periodic_xxx expressions) since there was no way I was going to be
polling the queue that much.*

The 'correct' way to get data into the condor system has always seemed
to be give it to the collector. I would be interested to know how the
wisc.cs guys would go about this.
condor_advertize pretty much tells you "Don't go here, you don't want
to see this, keep walking". I see why since it appears to be designed
to dump/overwrite an entire ad in one go.
I was thinking it would be very nice to have the equivalent of job
adverts in the collector. they would 'by default' contain nothing
unless they were running (or had run) apart from the schedd they
belonged to, the cluster, proc id and further any attribs added by the
equivalent of condor_qedit...
Heck even something not so fancy, just the ability to drop your own
adverts in as a User advert where the primary key was schedd plus any
user specified string.

Obviously not much use to you Horvátth...

Incidentally how easy did you fin it was to invoke qedit from the
execute machine?

* I know I could wait for quill and then query that but I still have
insufficient trust in quill's stability (sorry guys). Perhaps I will
be happier once I have played with it more