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Re: [Condor-users] How to make job attribute updates appear in the dag's log file?

Matt Hope wrote:
I was thinking about using qedit to 'report' data from a job to the
condor classad system (your previous post on this resparked my
interest) but I realised just putting it into the queue was fairly
useless for gui based stuff (as opposed to updating stuff used by the
periodic_xxx expressions) since there was no way I was going to be
polling the queue that much.*
If only the user attribute changes appeared in the logfile (as every other action appears) it would be
really simple and efficient to pass data from the starter to the scheduler.

Incidentally how easy did you fin it was to invoke qedit from the
execute machine?
It was quite simple: for the qedit method I added the scheduler name and the jobid to the job's submit file as environment variables and the script that executed on the starter machine just read them and periodically called condor_qedit from the application using this data. Worked nicely but required the condor users to be queue admins. But in the meantime Grag Thain suggested a much simpler method using Chirp that does not require any additional information in the submit file. (You need 6.8.0 to get it working.) I use this for run-time progress report and it does work nicely, except that I can only access the data through condor_q or quill. And quill does nor work for me with this release (on windows). Looking forward to the 6.8.1 fix. :)