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Re: [Condor-users] Building 2 Machines Condor Pool

Hi Leo,

Perhaps you could give some further explanation, such as what you have
done to test the communication, what kind of OS, and condor version,
etc; so it'll be easier for someone out there to imagine the condition
and suggest a solution.

Nano Surbakti

On 8/12/06, leo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <leo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

A newbie problem I have. It's been a week since i tried to connect my two
machines but the two don't communicate yet. They became two independent
personal condors. How did you make your machines communicate? My global
condor_config files are stored locally on each machine. I've searched on
the internet but they all built their condor pool with a shared
condor_config file and with shared file system. Do I need some shared file
system first? How can i have one condor_config file used by the two
machines? I have two machines both with global IPs.

Hope someone can shed light on my troubled mind. :)

thanks in advance.

Leo Cristobal C. Ambolode II
Physics Department
Mindanao State Univ.-Iligan Inst. of Tech.
Iligan City, Philippines

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