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Re: [Condor-users] How to make job attribute updates appear in the dag's log file?

Erik Paulson wrote:
In so far as I know, you're the first person to ever ask for that, so
we haven't really thought about when or if we'd add that feature.
Well, braking new ground. :) I thought about this because even the image size change is written into the log and the forced modification of a job attribute is something that could also be logged.

The reason I was trying to find an alternative solution to the job attribute query is that data query from quill using condor_q is very slow on windows. I'd like to have our GUI update faster but it can not really be done by using the formatted output of condor_q. Maybe writing our own
database query functions can speed things up?

One thing that is coming is a new way to get the job classad at the
end of the job - you'll be able to dump it right into a file, without
having to ask condor_history or look in the quill database
Since it is only dumped at the end of the job and I wanted to use this feature for tracking the progress of a job while it is running it will not be much use for this special problem.

Thanks for the information!