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[Condor-users] query regarding condor job submit description file

Hi All,
I am  a  new condor user; I don?t know much more about condor job submit files.
 have Installed and configured condor with condor ID on Linux (one machine as central master, three machine as execute and one submit machine). I have share file system (NFS) and central information system (NIS)
 I have created one simple condor submit file and fire on condor submit machine with condor ID (condor_submit my_condor_submit_file.csdf).
 This works fine, but when I am submitting the same with other user ID its give me permission denied. Please let me knows if any one has faced similar problem and help me understand what?s wrong with my configuration file.
Further, we have near about 80K test cases to test our application on different Platform (Linux 32bit, Linux 64bit, SunOS 32bit, SunOS 64bit, HP 32 bit & HP 64bit)   for every test case my working directory is different.
Please let me know if any one has created such type of condor submit description file.

Thanks & Regards

Lead Engineer
Atrenta India Pvt Ltd.
A-9, Sector 4
Noida UP,

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