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[Condor-users] upcoming version 6.8.x releases

I just answered this question directly for a colleague; I figured the information could be useful to folks on this list as well. Of course, all this info is subject to change, but it reflects our current plan.



Any estimates of when 6.8.1 may come out? Would it be a matter of
weeks or months? I'm considering whether it is worth to migrate
from 6.6.x to 6.8.0 or simply wait for 6.8.1 if that's coming out


Hi Tony --

It is a matter of weeks; hopefully as soon as end of next week. We already have v6.8.1 code complete, but it is still being tested. Below is a list of the major bug fixes so you can decide for yourself if you wish to wait for v6.8.1. Of course, since it is a stable series, there are only bug fixes - no significant new features (since that could introduce new bugs!).

Version 6.8.2 will come along about a week or two after v6.8.1. The only change in v6.8.2 will be support for checkpoint/restart (standard universe) on x86_64 chips running Linux. (i.e. checkpointing of 64-bit processes on 64-bit Linux distros).

Hope this info is helpful,

* Fix issues w/ checking to see if a user log file is on NFS. Reported by NMI running Condor's regression test suite.
* Fix Kerberos scalability problems.  Reported by CDF.
* Fix CEDAR OpenSSL authentication.  Reported in condor-users.
* Fix bug on Win32 where removal of a DAGMan job does not remove job submitted by that dag (works fine on Unix). Reported in condor-users. * Fix bugs related to non-blocking connects that can cause daemons to EXCEPT after running out of file descriptors. Reported by GLOW. * Fix bugs related to non-blocking connects that can cause daemons to crash. Reported by Fermi. * Fix race condition bugs with disconnected starter/shadow (i.e. job leases). Discovered by Todd. * Fix bugs with condor_rm -f, and add administrator control over its use. Reported by LIGO. * With grid universe, if remote job has a hard lease, don't bother putting a job on hold if errors encountered during job removal. Reported by gLite. * Investigate and/or fix issues with the master failing to kill DAGMan processes if the schedd crashes. Reported by LIGO.

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