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Re: [Condor-users] has anyone got SSL working

> After some more testing I have determined that SSL with Windows machines does
> not work (condor_master and condor_startd crash on startup).

sorry for the long delay in responding.  i just got around to testing this
myself, and i can confirm that SSL does not work on windows (it crashes any
process that attempts to use SSL).  unfortunately, this cannot be fixed for
6.8.1, but should be for 6.8.2.

> On the other hand, on Linux machines, we managed to make SSL work

after testing, i found that it worked for daemon-to-daemon authentication,
but if you submit a job by authenticating with SSL, the condor_schedd will
crash.  the good news is that this bug was fixed in time for 6.8.1.

> I would say that SSL is still not ready to be used in pools involving Windows
> machines, but in pools consisting of only Linux (or Unix-based) machines, it
> seems OK.

i agree with that assessment.