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Re: [Condor-users] Debugging with cmd.exe

On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 03:36:33PM +0200, Thomas Bauer wrote:
> I'm not sure, why you want to start the cmd.exe but if you just want to use
> commands from the dos-box, put the desired commands into a batch file and
> define that batch-file as your executable. 

I don't want to run DOS commands, this is just for testing.

The app we really want to run (there will be many, but for now) is SPSS,
which seems to work really poorly under Condor.  By substituting cmd.exe
instead, I was hoping to be able to interact with a process started by
condor, and maybe query that process for things like environment
variables that might provide some clue to why SPSS dies when we run it
under Condor.

I suppose I could just write whatever commands I'd want to run into my
submit file.  But I'd read about other people doing something like this,
and it seemed that they got a persistent cmd window rather than the
brief flash and (errorless) termination that I've gotten; maybe I
misunderstood, but if Condor (or something else) is killing processes as
soon as they start on our machines, that could explain some of the
trouble we've been having with SPSS.

Ah well.  Barking up the wrong tree I suppose.  Hardly the first time.