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[Condor-users] Adjust number of VMs dynamically?


I may have asked this before but got no answer so I thoght I may address
the problem in a slightly modified way.
We'll get a compute cluster soon that consists of dual-cpu, dual-core
machines, with 4GB of RAM.
We got a certain class of applications that would need almost all of the
RAM. Call them "BIG".
Of course, we'd prefer not to run into swap too much, for obvious reasons.
What we're looking for is an approach to
- match this special app class to "empty" nodes only
- still allow others to use up to four VMs per node
Is Condor able to handle this kind of requirements?
Would the following work, and how to implement it?
- Advertise only a single VM per node at the beginning
- Match with jobs in queue
- If a BIG job is matched, the node stops to advertse more VMs
- If a non-BIG job is matched, the node would continue to advertise VMs
(now it could go ahead and advertise the remaining 3 VMs)

Is this feasible? Where should I continue to read?


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