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Re: [Condor-users] Adjust number of VMs dynamically?

> Is this feasible? Where should I continue to read?

Maybe, but it would require some sort of extra-Condor process to watch
and make the NUM_VM changes. The better approach is to advertise
"execution slots" with specific properties.

So you have one slot that has all the memory on the machine (slot 1),
and then 4 more slots that have the memory split evenly (slots 2-5).
Then you have the policy for slot 1 be that START = True iff there are
no jobs executing in slots 2-5. And you have the policy for slots 2-5 be
START = True iff there is not job executing in slot 1.

You could get fancy and allow jobs to always start in slot 1 even if
slots 2-5 were occupied and just suspend jobs in slots 2-5 indefinitely
until slot 1 frees up. It's pretty flexible.

There was a presentation on how to set this up using the inter-VM
classad functionality of Condor. I think it was Condor Week 2004, but
may have been 2005. Check:


Hope that helps.

- Ian