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Re: [Condor-users] Windows MSI Installer and Config File

Hi all,

> So my question is: can I ask the MSI installer not to start the service
> (so I can patch the config file and then start the service myself) or is
> there a way to provide a custom config file or config file entries to
> the installer?  Is there perhaps a way I could tell the new installation
> to use a network config file that has the desired entries?

I'm also interested with this possibility to tell the condor installer to not
start the service: for the moment we made a wrapper around the MSI-installer
and as soon as the installation ends, we issue a "net /stop condor", copy over
a custom condor_config file and then do a "net /start condor".

Or, alternatively as you suggest, a way to specify to the installer to
retrieve the condor_config from a remote server?

best regards,